Andrew P Kulp
Architecture Portfolio

Gateway Baptist Church
Montgomery, AL
Master Plan and Phase 1

Master Plan

Phase 1 Plan

    Master Plan
      Gateway Baptist is a church with a very familiar problem. They have grown little-by-little over time with minimal adjustments to facilities. As a result, they are facing space challenges on multiple levels. Andrew Kulp and his team were charged to develop a long-term Master Plan that would be flexible enough for the church to modify for changing needs, but would provide a clear vision for the long-term future.
    Phase 1 - Education and Multipurpose Building
      The first phase centers around a multipurpose building that can be used for worship or for smaller group meetings. Connecting this building to the existing facilities will be additional education classrooms to complement the larger worship facility, with options to break the building into two phases depending on available funding.

Exterior Rendering